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Wholeheartedly  Committed

My journey to functional nutrition counseling started when I was a little girl. My parents always chose natural options for my five siblings and I whenever it was possible. They opened my eyes to the world of natural medicine, acupuncture, prophetic medicine, holistic medicine and herbs throughout my childhood, giving it meaning and making it interesting, even to a young child. As my journey in life took a new turn and I entered motherhood, I quickly learned how important this aspect of health really is. After being blessed with my two daughters, my first son was born. Right after his first birthday, he was diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease and Rett’s syndrome. The prognosis was bleak. But with the guidance of my mother and many loved ones around me, we found all kinds of alternative ways to keep my son as happy and comfortable as he could be for his short four years. Probiotics, coconut oil, acupuncture among many other things became part of his daily routine. Being on the constant search for a cure or at least little ways to make my son comfortable, opened my eyes to the world of functional nutrition. 

I’ve always had a passion for learning ways to heal and help myself and others around me from the natural world. After completing my degree and certification through The Functional Nutrition Alliance, my professor Andrea Nakayama, her team and a plethora of guest lecturers steered that interest and passion into a career with a much more comprehensive understanding. They helped me to see how alongside all of those natural cures and remedies, we must also get to the root of the problem. Rather than addressing a specific disease or ailment, functional nutrition teaches us to go to the foundation and build up from there, slowly and with kindness and respect for what our bodies have been through. 

Root cause was described to me in the most impactful way. I was told this story. If someone gets a thorn in their finger and leaves it there, it will eventually become infected, requiring antibiotic ointment. If they then persist to leave the thorn in their finger, a stronger antibiotic ointment will be needed. This cycle will continue until eventually the finger has become so damaged by this little thorn that it may have to be amputated. However, if that same person just immediately pulled the thorn out of their finger, no medication would be required. Their body would know exactly what to do to clean the wound and heal the skin leaving no side effects or harm from the little thorn. 

This is my goal as your Functional Nutrition Counselor. I hope to enlighten my clients on how to simply remove 'the thorn' from their finger and allow their bodies to heal and function at optimal levels without requiring medication and many other medical interventions. Through various herbs, vitamins, minerals, food choices and lifestyle changes, I believe that we can all live happier, healthier lives. As the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) said, there’s a cure for every ailment. I am excited to be with you on that journey to find those cures.

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