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To say I was frustrated with traditional western medicine is an understatement. I spent years looking to find the root cause of my symptoms to no avail. Jenan was able to identify the root cause all of my symptoms within the initial consultation and provided me with a comprehensive action plan to begin seeing improvements and results. If you are looking to optimize your health, or for answers to ailments that have plagued you for years, then I can not recommend Jenan enough. She, not only is tremendously talented at what she does, she genuinely cares about your wellness journey as well which is such a blessing.

Prior to working with Jenan I had no idea that I was deficient in so many vitamins and minerals and that those nutrient deficiencies were the cause to many of the struggles that I dealt with daily for years.

I was not expecting for my initial consultation to be so thorough. Jenan was able to identify what my deficiencies were by the end of our first meeting and the blood work she ordered proved her diagnosis was correct when the results came in.

I was able to loose more weight in a month working with Jenan than I have been able to in three years of seriously restricting my calories. The best part is that I actually am eating now and feel full but the weight continues to come off!

I have recently consulted with Mrs. Jenan because I wanted to be healthier and have more energy.  I have to say that Jenan was very thorough, especially when we went over my bloodwork together. She explained everything to me in language I can understand. I am actually feeling a lot better and have more energy. She was compassionate and caring. I highly recommend her.

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